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The Beaver Sawdrill®

Beaver-SawdrillThe Original American-Made Sawdrill

  • Cuts through wood, dry wall, plastic, even sheet metal.
  • Saws any shape your hand can follow.
  • Fits any standard electric drill.
  • Made of industrial grade steel coated with titanium nitride to last longer, cut faster, and stay cooler!

Don’t Be Fooled by Cheap Imitations!

Imitations may look like the Original, American-Made Beaver Sawdrill®, but they are made with cheap materials, cheap coating, and no quality control. So imitations:

  • Break more easily and wear out quickly.
  • Don’t cut as fast.
  • Aren’t as versatile.
  • Aren’t American-made.
  • Aren’t backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee!


The Most Versatile Cutting Tool in the World

More Materials: The Beaver Sawdrill® cuts through wood, dry wall, plastic, even sheet metal, faster and easier than anything you’ve ever seen before.

Construction Worker DrillingMore Shapes: The Beaver Sawdrill® is a side-cutting drillbit that can cut any shape your hand can follow!

More Quality: The American-Made Beaver Sawdrill® is manufactured of Precision Ground M2 High Speed Steel, the best steel for a wide variety of materials. The Beaver Sawdrill® is coated with Titanium Nitride, a tough hard coating that lasts up to 6 times longer and cuts faster and cooler. The 135° Split Point ensures fast, easy starting – even in steel.

How the Sawdrill Works

The Beaver Sawdrill®’s 1/4″ diameter bit fits into any standard electric drill. You just chuck it in as you would with any drillbit. But that’s where the similarity ends.

The Beaver Sawdrill®’s 135° Split Point drills the starting hole and then 90 sharp teeth go to work sawing any shape cut you want.


 From “The Original Beaver Sawdrill®” Customers

I just bought “The Original Beaver Sawdrill®.” Wow! This is the best thing I’ve seen in years.I was in a tough situation. After breaking three other drillbits side-drilling on hard metal, I decided to try your “new-fangled gizmo.” Wow! It cut like butter in a few minutes and I couldn’t even tell the drill bit had been used. THANKS and I mean THANKS. I’ll recommend the Beaver Sawdrill® to everyone I know and will pick up more this weekend so I’m never without one.
Robert C., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Just used your Beaver Sawdrill® to cut sheet metal in my car for new speakers. It worked great and saved me a lot of time and the cost of a 6 holesaw! Ill recommend your product to all my friends.
John H., Camdenton , MO

May I compliment you on a very fine, creative product in your “The Original Beaver Sawdrill®.” As an engineer and do it yourself person, it is the best!
Win B., El Cajon, California

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